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As with the movie Cube, you're stuck in a giant labyrinth of rooms. Each room has a door on each side of the room - and some rooms have deadly traps activated by motion detector. All you have on you are your boots. Can you make it to the escape intact?


  • The Cube's dimensions are 32 by 32 by 32 rooms.
  • The serial numbers have meaning (Google it, or better yet, watch the movie!) and can help you escape.


This release is serving as an alpha version of the game. We may develop it into a proper game at some point in the future.


Check out the official site here.


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six-sides-windows.zip 141 MB
Version 0.2
six-sides-linux.zip 309 MB
Version 0.2

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I never realized I needed this before now.


Loved this movie and this is a great take on it. Is it possible to climb along the roof to make it through the hatches up there?

Not yet, but planned! That was an issue during the first couple days - "what if you're too low to reach the exit" - so I added an exit on the bottom of the Cube.

Ah cool, thanks for the heads up. Will head for the bottom then.  :)